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We are selling quality products sourced from the United states and from overseas.  Shipping times for products inside of the USA are shorter but sometimes the price is a bit higher. If you are willing to wait though, we have some excellent bargains from outside of the USA for you to choose from.

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Welcome to our blog, where you can discuss every aspect of looking after your best friend with our readers and of course with me. Please respect others – don’t swear, don’t be rude and just enjoy our new community. If you need to ask something without publishing it, just contact us on email and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.
Original pet portrait commissions

Want to give a special gift to a loved one?  Why not commission a custom pet portrait of your beloved pooch from our award winning artist, Hettie Rowley.  There is a range of sizes to choose from as well as different mediums. Each medium has its own benefits explained on the page.


Here are some reasons to adopt an old dog!

  • Older dogs are more predictable
  • They tend to behave better
  • They adjust quickly to a new environment

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Food and treats - All so droolishisly good!
Clothing - are you seriously going to make me wear that mom?
beds and bedding
something for Furry baby's mom and dad


Secrets To Dog Training

"do you Want To Know the Top Training Secrets That Dog Experts Use Daily To Ensure That Their Dogs Are Always Well Behaved And Listen?"

You can now train your dog to listen, understand and obey without spending hours on dog training with this easy to follow book!
This book gives you a system that professional trainers use to ensure that your four-legged friend is soon the most perfectly behaved pet on your street!

This is a comprehensive book with over 250 pages that tells you everything you need to know and do to get your dog on the path to being obedient and happy!

Your Price Today:  Just $39.95!

*Disclosure:  This link is an affiliate link which means, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.*

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Dog Blog

Welcome to our blog, where you can discuss every aspect of looking after your best friend

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