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We've been working hard to make Wetnosedogs a site that all dog-lovers will enjoy visiting regularly.

This month, we've made some huge changes:

  • Added a secure shopping facility. You can shop and pay in complete security through PayPal or your credit card.
  • Made the whole site https secure
  • Upgraded the social interfaces
  • Made sign-up even easier with our new easy-social-share facilities


We've been searching the world for good quality products for dog-lovers, and we think we've found some beauties! So have a look at our shop, but also, let us know if there are any other products or services you'd like us to introduce!  We've put a few products below as examples.


Dog Boots


Neon Collars


Dog Seat Belt


Dog Car Seat Cover

Unique Dog Portraits - Commissions by Our Artist - Hettie Rowley

dog portrait

On the left here, you see a portrait of a lovely little chap named Yippee - I think that's what his owner thought the first time she set eyes on him! We're now able to offer a VERY LIMITED OPPORTUNITY for Hettie to accept commissions for portraits for your best friend.

Please use the CONTACT FORM if you would like to enquire about this.

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Dog crates can be a huge benefit to dogs and their owners, but it's critically important to use them properly. This article from Labrador Training is a really excellent exposition on this important subject. This material is presented by a direct link to the site shown and is not the property of Wetnosedogs [...]

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Which Dogs Are Safest With Children?

Choosing The Best Dog To Add To Your Family Which dogs are safest with children? When it comes to raising kids, one inevitability is for certain: they will always want some kind of pet at some point in their lives. Finding the right pet that can be raised around children is important, especially where dogs are the chosen type. Dogs can be faithful to a family if raised from a [...]

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Adopting Older Dogs

Most people get conditioned while still in childhood to start at the beginning. After all, when counting, people start with the number one. When singing, they begin with the first words of the song. When plotting a course, they first input the starting point. Therefore, their surprise is understandable when they realize that it isn't always necessary to start at the beginning t [...]

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Dog Blog

Welcome to our blog, where you can discuss every aspect of looking after your best friend with our readers and of course with me. Please respect others - don't swear, don't be rude and just enjoy our new community. If you need to ask something without publishing it, just contact me on email and I'll get back to you as fast as I can. [...]

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Can I Give My Dog Melatonin To Help With Anxiety Issues?

Many people own dogs that have what veterinarians would say are behavior problems. They are hyperactive, restlessness, sleeplessness, or exhibit obsessive compulsive disorders. Other dogs suffer from noise anxieties, such as a fear of the sound of the garbage disposal, the vacuum cleaner and the sound of thunderstorms or fireworks. Then there are the dogs that suffer from separ [...]

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Learning How To Train A Puppy

I really don't think that there was ever anything on this Earth as utterly adorable as a Rottweiler puppy dog. But I'm biased, and in truth, all puppies are simply a God-sent blessing in our lives. Getting a new puppy is a wonderful experience that your whole family will enjoy. Puppies are cute, love to play, love their owners, and will quickly become part of the family. Decid [...]

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