Dog Obedience Training for your Best Friend

Dog Obedience Training

 Dog Obedience Training is fun for both of you!

Dog Training Makes Everyone Happier

Being a dog owner, means you are responsible for every aspect of their life. Not only must you feed, shelter and provide medical care for your companion, you must also train and exercise your dog.

A well trained dog is a well behaved dog that is happy and content. If you have a dog that runs out of the door every time it is opened, jumps on your company or steals food from small children, life will be challenging. When you can trust your dog to be well behaved, you are more likely to spend time with them, at home and in public.

This not only enhances your life, but that of your dog as well. Whether you get your canine companion as a puppy, or rescue them when they are older, it is important to know how to train your dog. You can find books and videos that demonstrate dog training techniques. The internet is also a great resource for training information

Selecting the Right Dog for You and Your Family

Some breeds are more active than others. Australian Shepherd’s for instance, need a job. Given daily training opportunities and exercise, their high energy antics will bring smiles to you and your family. Labradors are known to be good with small children, are easy going, quick to learn and want to please their owners. In a small apartment or yard, a Great Dane would not be ideal, but a smaller Yorkie or Maltese might be better suited to your living arrangements. Having the right dog for your family, that is well trained and obedient, will create wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Do You Want a Puppy or an Older Dog?

Our beloved Mephisto - A giant among dogs!

Puppies are a lot of fun.From the very beginning, you have the opportunity to learn the best dog training methods available. Along with books and videos you can enroll in puppy obedience classes. Puppies require a lot of attention and consistent training as they grow. They need to be housebroken, exercised and require consistent and constant training.

If you and your family are gone for long hours, you need to make arrangements for someone to come over during the day, to take the puppy out for a bathroom break and exercise. Older dogs are usually housebroken, less likely to chew up the furniture and your shoes, but you will need to spend time getting to know them. How will they interact with other animals in your home, and do they like to be around children?

Teaching Your Dog Manners

For Fido, Dog Obedience Training is a must.

A well behaved dog is happy and a pleasure to be around. When your dog understands the rules, they know what you expect from them, and there are fewer behavioral problems to deal with.

Your dog should respond immediately, when you call him to you. He should not bolt out the door ahead of you or beg for food when you are eating. If you do not want them on the furniture or in certain rooms of your house, they need to be trained. They should not jump on you or your company when saying hello, and excessive barking should be kept under control. A well behaved dog, is a well loved dog.

Teaching Your Dog Parlor Tricks

Teaching your dog to perform tricks, is more than teaching them to entertain you. Basic tricks such as sit, stay and lay down, are also ways to correct behavioral problems and teach obedience at the same time. If you teach your dog to sit and stay, then you can combine that with an open door so they do not bolt when it opens. Other tricks are fun and stimulate your dogs mind, helping them to be more calm

Exercising Your Dog

Every day, you need to spend time playing with your dog. This will keep their bodies healthy and their minds focused. A bored dog, can be a destructive dog. Chasing a ball, catching Frisbee or going for a walk are basic forms of canine exercise. If you are a runner, your dog will benefit and enjoy the run as much as you do.

Competition Training

There are several types of competitions that dogs and their owners can compete in. The relationship between an owner and their companion can be enhanced when you go through the training and competition processes. Agility competitions center around obstacle like courses filled with tunnels, jumps, see-saws and are timed. Herding competitions are fast paced and high energy.

Careers for Dogs

People with disabilities often use companion dogsto help them around the house or out in public. They can be trained to open doors, retrieve fallen objects or alert their owner to when they are about to experience a medical condition such as a seizure. Law enforcement agencies use german shepherd training for drug or bomb sniffing, and can be trained to help capture fugitives. Search and rescue dogs help to locate survivors and cadavers in emergency situations.

Dogs come in many different sizes, shapes and temperaments. Just like your family, each one is unique. When you own a dog, you are responsible for their well being. How they interact with you and their world, largely depends on you, the owner. No one will love you as unconditionally as your dog. Trained well and exercised often, you will have a beautiful relationship.

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