From Potty Training to Dealing with Aggression and Everything in Between

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How You'll Benefit 

Become the pack leader

Become The Pack Leader

​Dogs are pack animals. Most of us know this, but we don't understand it and because of that, we don't know how to give the leadership and dominance that a dog and its owner both need. This course clearly shows you how to become the pack leader in your home!

Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

When we don't have time for the videos or the instructions in our hectic lives, we simply need clear and practical tips on how to proceed NOW! There's a host of collected wisdom and quick, easily understood and practiced lessons in Doggy Dan's instructions.

Deal with fear in dogs

Fearful Dogs

A fearful dog is not only unhappy, stressed and nervous but can also be dangerous. Dealing with this situation requires a deep understanding of dog behavior and psychology. Doggy Dan's course deals in detail with this vexing issue.

Deal with Dog Aggression

Stop Dog Aggression

Dog aggression has many courses, most of which can be dealt with. Aggression may take the form of dominance, anxiety and fear and just about everything in between. it is important to understand  the cause of aggression before you can deal with it. Dan will show you how from A through to Z.

Stop Separation Anxiety

​Dogs love us - they love us so much that when left alone, they become despondent, anxious and frustrated. Modern life is hard on our dogs and we need to know what we can do to keep them calm and confident when stressed in this way.

Stop your dog pulling

Stop Your Dog From Pulling

Knowing how to stop your dog from pulling you along is critical to your relationship with your best friend. One possible reason for this behavior is that your dog thinks it is the pack leader - often with bad consequences for everyone. 

Teach your puppy not to mess inside

Stop Your Puppy Toileting Inside

At 8 weeks or so a puppy's bladder is very small and they need to toilet frequently. After a meal, puppies will often need to go within a minute and you should  always take them straight outside after they have eaten. Learn a lot more about toilet training your puppy.

Teach your dog to come when called

Dog Doesn’t Come When I Call

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A Full Spectrum of Training Modules

Whatever the age of your dog, from puppy to old-timer, this system will enable you to train him gently, quietly and effectively.

Train Your Dog The Professional way - At Home!

A very gentle giant -  my Rottweiler

For a complete training system. Doggy Dan cannot be beaten in any way. I’ve personally compared it to three others and found that for clarity of instructions, for ongoing support and for depth of detail, Doggy Dan provides all I need. We had two beautiful Rotties from puppies through to old age, and despite their size, they were gentle and obedient.

When youe dogs are in the company of children often as ours were, you must have confidence that they will tolerate the occasional unfortunate pinch pr bump and that they will not snap – and Doggie Dan can help you as he helped us.

What Doggie Dan's Customers Are Saying:

what a great way to train your dog/pup very helpful and you can re- watch If you forget, to be able to do the training in your own home is a real bonus. I am still enjoying getting my videos for the next step in training my pup .

Vicky McCutcheon 

Dan, I just want to say how thankful I am that I found your video training. I tried two other dog trainers, and bought 2 DVDs, but Winston was still too aggressive. Now he's playful and calm again, and that's after just 3 days!!!!!!. I feel like your training helped me understand him. Brilliant work, I will recommend to everyone! - Cheers, Mike X

Mike Kerrigan 

Doggy Dan has helped considerably with my understanding of how to be a Pack Leader. Despite years owning dogs the "food control" help was perfect and not something I had realised was so important. Such a simple and kind way of behaving to get such good results - thank you so much. My older dog who I thought was fussy about food was not fussy but trying to be Pack Leader. He now eats everything in front of him and leaves nothing. The younger ones are still not the best on leads and around the cats but the stop, change direction method is slowly getting through. I show my dogs and the advice I am reading about is so applicable to every situation we can have with our dogs. Thank you so much

Raewyn Anderson 

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