Our Rottweiler and daughter

Learn How Glucosamine For Dogs Can Help Alleviate Their Arthritis Pain

Our Rottweiler and Stephanie. Glucosamine for dogs really helped our boy.It’s often said that animals require the same amount of health care that humans receive. Unfortunately for many pets, not every pet owner is capable of providing the health care they need in life. This can often be due to financial problems, lack of time due to work related schedules, and many other problems that can get in the way of things. Without the necessary health care your pet needs, a chronic condition like diabetes or arthritis can cause them great suffering.

Animals can be affected by diseases and other medical conditions similar to what humans go through. Many of these medical issues have the same level of care and treatment that human ones do, but are often too expensive for many pet owners to afford for their pet. Luckily for these pet owners, there are ways to get their animal’s the health care they need at a price they can afford. Even issues such as agitation, separation anxiety and stress can be dealt with cheaply and effectively.

Medical Solutions For Your Pet

Medical conditions can strike a beloved pet at any point in their lives. Just like humans, they can suffer greatly from age related ailments that develop as they get older. Arthritis is one of the biggest problems a pet can suffer from, especially in large breed dogs due to their size.

Big Dogs and Old Dogs

The older your dog becomes, the more susceptible his joints become to arthritis and its debilitating nature. Just like in humans, arthritis can strike at the joints of your dog, causing them to not be able to walk or move without suffering lots of pain. Arthritis can be dealt with easily for your dog, through the use of medicines like glucosamine.

What Is Glucosamine?


Glucosamine and Chondroitin are  nutraceuticals, which are defines as being  dietary supplements with medicinal properties. Because of that fact, these supplements  do not need to be approved before use and they are not regulated by the FDA – they are available both by prescription and over the counter or online.

A Full Health Regime

Caring for pets with arthritis and hip dysplasia  requires diverse care and treatments treatment including the right exercise, weight control, and  physical therapy – I once had a Rottweiler ( the one in the picture, our beloved Mephisto) on swimming therapy which he adored.

In addition to these basic regimes, dogs also need supplements for cartilage health, and if needed, medications for control of pain and inflammation (ask your vet). Glucosamine is derived from Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) whicu are substances  we know to be the basic components   of cartilage and joint fluid.

Glucosamine stimulates the secretion of glycosaminoglycans in the cartilage and chondroitin also inhibits the enzymes that damage and destroy cartilage.


So as we see, Glucosamine is designed to help treat the swelling in the joints that is caused by arthritis, as well as reducing the inflammation and pain associated with joint pain. Joint pain can be excruciating to deal with for humans, and even more so for animals, who simply can’t ask for help except through their behavior.

Be Alert for Signs of Pain

Unfortunately animals can’t tell us when they’re in pain, or what type of pain it is. This makes it very difficult to know how badly your dog is hurting at the moment, or whether or not it’s arthritis pain or they’ve simply hurt their leg or paw somewhere.

If you see evidence of pain, be it lethargy, reluctance to walk and exceptionally withdrawn and quiet behavior, then take your dog to your preferred veterinarian’s office to get checked –   this is critically important to minimizing the period of time he is in pain and feeling miserable.

Please don’t wait – a good vet will allow you time to pay if you are struggling and there are usually people’s dispensaries for sick animals available for the less well off. Our dogs love us unconditionally – we owe them the same in return.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

A veterinarian can keep a constant check on your beloved pet through regular visits and checkups, but you don’t normally  need to attend often except for the usual vaccinations, but a regular visit can help you catch arthritis in your dog when it first rears its ugly head and starts affecting his  joints.

Once your vet does find out your dog is suffering from arthritis, he/she can start out on medications that can help. The most commonly prescribed medication for arthritis pain in dogs and cats is glucosamine.

This medication is commonly used because it has a great track record – it’s proven at relieving animal joint pain and allowing him  to be active again. Again, watch out for the symptoms – when suffering from joint pain caused by arthritis, an animal will normally be very lethargic due to the pain that it feels when trying to walk or run.

With the right glucosamine dosage for dogs, your best friend  will be back up and running around your home being playful again. But don’t overdo it – respect the fact that your dog gets older just as you do and treat him accordingly – gently and lovingly.

Glucosamine for Dogs with Arthritis – It Works

So how good is glucosamine in restoring a dog’s mobility?  The answer is – it’s really good.

In the case of dogs that are not close to the end of their lives, they soon seem remarkably reinvigorated as  the medication takes hold and the pain that has made them so miserable fades away.  In mild cases, after a day or two, a dog will feel up to playing fetch, chasing their favorite ball around the house, and even give you a run for your money when it comes to them running around and playing. In more severe cases that have been untreated for some time, full relief may take four to six weeks.

Glucosamine treatment is very easy to manage, and it is simple to administer the right dosage. You do follow the instructions given to you by your vet to ensure your dog’s safety while on the medication. Too much can be a bad thing, just as it is in humans.

Glucosamine Dosage

For dogs (and cats),  the typical dose is  approximately 500 mg glucosamine and 400 mg chondroitin per 25 pounds per day, administered every twelve hours.  Significant results are usually witnessed within 4-6 weeks even in severe cases, and then the dosage can be cut back to manage the condition for the long term.  Arthritic conditions usually need to be treated for life, so this is long term medication for your pet.

Give Your Pet A Better Chance In Life

Don’t let your best friend suffer another day through his arthritis. Glucosamine treatment is a great solution when it comes to a dog (and cat’s) arthritis pain, and is very affordable when compared to other medical treatments. Its effectiveness is due its ability to lessen the amount of inflammation in and around your pet’s joints, allowing him to move more comfortably without causing pain.

Glucosamine, coupled with a healthy diet and plenty of safe exercise, can provide your dog with a longer and happier lifespan that’s nearly pain free. Don’t make your pet wait any longer. Get them the relief they deserve. With glucsoamine, your pet can be active and happy again, without arthritis getting in the way.