Waterproof Dog Boots for Medium to Large Dogs - For those sensitive feet!

Dog Boots


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These excellent dog boots are waterproof and have slip-resistant rubber souls. They can save your dog a world of discomfort from hot pavements and icy conditions. they also help for a range of other conditions (see below).

Order an extra set when you can and change frequently (immediately when wet) with a little time to air out or his feet will get really stinky!

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Dog boots – Why would you buy boots for your dog?

  • Protect her from slipping or getting anything harmful on her paws
  • If your dog gets foot infections from outside
  • If he has hip dysplasia and on smooth floors he slips and his legs splay apart
  • If her feet get very tender when you go out in the snow or even on a really cold day on the cement
  • If she has broken or injured a toe and although it’s mostly healed, you sometimes want to slow him down a little or give him some extra protection
  • If he hates wet grass and refuses to potty on it when its raining or when there is morning dew
  • If he drags his hind legs and without a boot his toenail gets bloody
  • If you have an old dog that has issues keeping his rear feet underneath him
  • If you want to protect your dog’s feet from scorching hot pavements in the summer

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