Hurrah for US Jobs!

Why We Now Only Source Products in the USA

We've been selling online for a few years now, sourcing our products all over the world. Recently though, we changed our business model and for our US customers, we now only buy and sell products we have sourced in the US. This makes sense to us because:-

1. US products may be more expensive, BUT we know that our US customers want to support US jobs and are willing to pay a little extra to achieve that.

2.  Delivery times are shorter. Typically, we'd deliver in 12 to 20 days from an overseas supplier but with shipping inside the US, our customers get what they've ordered typically within three to four days. The shipping is more expensive than shipping from overseas (yes- really!), but we feel the reduced waiting time is what customers really want.

3. We want to supply top quality dog-foods and treats that are safe - and we only trust local suppliers and manufacturers. We have heard too many credible reports of poor dietary quality pet foods sourced overseas.

4. The returns process is much easier. Typically, if a customer is not happy and wants to return a product then it's simply better business to source USA.

5. There are too many scam sellers online selling products from cheap unreliable overseas suppliers. We want to provide our customers with the assurance that they will get what they paid for - every time.

6. We want to create a store where dog lovers can buy everyday items for their beloved pooches with confidence and at a reasonable price over the long term - not here today, gone tomorrow 'specials'.  So there will be are fewer 'specials' and much more long-term value.

That's It! Thank you for visiting us at Wetnose Dogs!